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From Idea to Model

Why ideas fail, and the need to start with searching for the right business model.  

Visualizing It

How to visualize your business model through the nine building blocks


Continuous Improvement through Prototyping keeps you ahead of your competition. 

Your Environment

The external environment is full of threats, constraints, and opportunities.

Prove It

Talk to your potential customers to Test your Hypothesis, Fail fast, Learn, and Adapt. 

Tell Your Story

Present your model as a story, not all at once, but one part at a time, so it can be understood. 

The Theatre 

The customer facing front stage comes from the business facing back stage.  

Value Proposition

The customer value proposition maps customer jobs to your products and services


Walk through of Amazon value proposition of the Dash Button to save customers time

Lego Business Model

Walk through of how Lego updated their Business Model to turn around a failing company

Disney's BMC

Walk through of the Disney Business Model Canvas, to show the revenue side 

Xiomi Acquires Youku

Why Xiomi invested into content creation, and how it impacts their business model 

BMC Explained 

An explanation of the Business Model Canvas and its nine building blocks 

Test Card

Use the Test Card to (in)validate the hypotheses underlying your BMC(s) and value proposition(s).

Customer Insights

Capture your customer insights and learnings and make data based decisions. 

Nike BMC 

How Nike played with numbers to improve upon its existing Business Model. 

Lean Canvas

Lean Canvas for start-ups and an example walk through of it using Uber as an example

Value Proposition

This walks through the customer value proposition for Uber


Minimum Viable Product, its goals, benefits and examples 


Difference between a Minimal Viable Product and Proof Of Concept. 

Facebook Lean Canvas

What does the lean canvas look like for Facebook 

YouTube Lean Canvas

What does the lean canvas look like for Youtube

Amazon Lean Canvas

What Does Lean Canvas Look like for Amazon


Difference between a Minimal Viable Product and Proof Of Concept. 

MoSCoW Prioritization 

How to prioritize your long list of back log items using MoSCoW

Problem Solution Fit

Are you solving A problem that your customer actually care about.  

Product Market Fit

Ash Mauyra discusses the 10 steps to get product-market fit 

Lean Play Book

Dan Olsen discusses how to get Product Market Fit through his Lean Product PlayBook

Early Adopters

Justin Wilcox discusses who are your early adopters 

Distribution Channels

What distributions channels to use to get your products to your customers

Moore's Value Proposition

Udacity walks through the Moore's value proposition template

Crossing the Chasm

Geoffery Moore's book describers how to get distruptive innovations into mainstream markets

21 Key Metrics

The key numbers that tell you how your business is doing

From Startup to IPO

What are the steps involved from starting up a company to getting it listed onto the Stock Exchange


Another example of how ideas move from Angel Investors to VC to IPO

IPO Process

What is involved in the IPO Process 

Why Startups Succeed

Bill Gross's research of hundreds of companies on why startups succeed. 

What Is an IPO

What is an IPO and why companies Like Lyft & Uber go Public

Scaling Up

Challenges of scaling up a business, when profits don't scale with revenue. 

Four Steps To Growth

How the fastest growing companies succeed where others may fail

I attribute many of the videos above to my mentors at Strategyzer, Lean Canvas, and Focus Framework. You can decide to spend years learning how to do it yourself or connect with me for a done for you service. If you would like to learn the concepts yourself, then I highly recommend my mentors from Strategyzer, LeanCanvas and Focus Framework.
I would also like to reference Railsware a for their videos above.