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Who Is This For

If you are an established business selling great products and services in the right market and are looking to break-out to the next level then this if for you.  
I Structure your business for growth through the implementation of proven frameworks that are used by the Fortune 500 companies such as Microsoft, Intel, Mastercard, GE, 3M, SAP, and 3 million other individuals. 

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Lacking Structure and Organisation?  

Are you lacking structure on how to run the core components of your business?
Are the stories below familiar to your business? 

Lack Of Control

Are you frustrated with the lack of control? Instead of controlling the business, is your business controlling you.


Are you frustrated with employees, customers, vendors, or partners? They don't seem to listen, understand, or follow through?


Are you frustrated with not having enough profits? You make sales, your expenses are increasing, however, your profit are not there. 

Hitting the Ceiling

Has your company hit a ceiling? Has growth stopped? No matter what you do, you can't seem to break through to the next level.

Nothing Works

Do you feel like you've tried everything, without any long-lasting success? The wheels are spinning, but you can't gain traction.


Is your leadership team not on the same page as to the where your company is going and how you're going to get there? 

I Can Help

I’ve travelled your path with many other established businesses, I understand your frustrations. I know exactly how to help you move forward. Implementation of the EOS framework will help you with…


Get everyone in the organisation clear on where your going and how your going to get there


Build the right team and structure from top to bottom. Get the right people, into the right seats


Measure a handful of number that really matters, to give you a pulse on how your organisation is tracking. 


Become great at solving problems throughout the organisation. Set them up, knock them down, and make them go away forever. 


Create consistency and scalability in your organisation by systemising and documenting your businesses core process


Materialise your vision through great at execution, by bringing discipline and accountability across the organisation

Get Structure and Organization into your Business 

The pains, nuances and frustrations listed above are familiar to many businesses, and if not resolved can lead to even more frustration, loss of income, and the eventual failure of your business.  
What will be the future of your business is if these pains and frustrations are not resolved? 
After travelling the path with numerous businesses my epiphany of the secret sauce is structure. You need to structure and organize six core components of your business. 

EOS Framework

The EOS Framework consists of a model, a toolbox and a process.

The model focusses on six core components, Vision, People, Data, Issues, Process, and Traction.

The toolbox is a set of tools for business leaders, to help strengthen the six components.

The process of implementing the EOS framework is through a set of workshops with the leadership team. 

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EOS Model

The EOS Model focusses on six core components, Vision, People, Data, Issues, Process, and Traction. Each component has a number of tools used to strengthen it. 

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EOS Tools

There are 20 tools, each is designed for simplicity and use by the leadership team. These tools help manage and strengthen the six core components. 

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EOS Process

The EOS framework is implemented over a number of full-day workshops. It starts with a 90-minute overview session where you decide if this is right for your business or not. 
If you decide to process, then the next steps are to schedule the workshops, which are about 30 days apart.

How It Works

The EOS Framework is implemented through a number of full-day workshops, spread apart by about 30 days each. The intent is to have your organization well underway using EOS by the end of the third workshop. 
Quarterly Pulse meetings are then held to measure your progress, and an annual planning session is held to build a plan for the year ahead.  There is no commitment, you decide how long you want to continue working with me. Our clients typically work with me for a two year period, while others prefer to continuously work with me for the longer term. 
Click each of the sections below to learn more about each workshop. 

90 Minute Meeting

The purpose of this meeting is to give you an overview of the EOS framework so that you can decide if is the right fit for your business. This session will cover About Us, About You, The Tools and The Process
About Us - This is about EOS Worldwide and my background. About You - This is about understanding where you've been, where you are and where you going. The Tools - This is a high-level overview of the EOS Model®, showing how EOS Tools strengthen all 6 Key Components™ of your business.The Process - How I can work with you to implement EOS into your business 

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90 MM


VD 1 & 2



Get Started

Follow the simple three steps below to get started. The first step is to complete the organizational check-up quiz. The second step is to set up a free 90-minute meeting.The third step is to schedule your focus day.


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Complete the Organizational Checkup Quiz to gauge your company's strength.Get a score for your business strength.


Free 90 Minute Meeting

Schedule A 90-minute meeting to understand if your business and the EOS Framework are a good fit. 


Focus Day

Schedule your first full-day session to start the implementation of the EOS framework into your organization. 

Free Book Chapters

Please find below free book chapters from the EOS Family. This can help you learn more about the framework, or go at it alone.