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So that your business can become an invincible company 


Listed below are the benefits of having me innovate your business model

Invincible Company

Build an invincible company. Manage new ideas (EXPLORE) in parallel to your portfolio of existing businesses (EXPLOIT), 

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Business Design

Improve your business design with business model patterns, allowing you to compete at a whole new level. 

Right Products

Create products and services your customers actually want using the Value Proposition Design Model.


Systematically test new business ideas, and reduce the risk of failure, where you manufacture a product nobody wants 


Measure progress in de-risking new business ideas with innovation metrics. Know exactly what to measure when innovating new ideas


Compete on business models rather than products, services and price. It's much harder for the competition to copy a business model.

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Lacking Business Innovation?  

Are you lacking a business model and product innovation strategy, so that you can develop better products and grow your business?



Is the competition continuously beating you on products, services or price? You need to compete at the business model level. 


Do you have a deep understanding of your customer profile, in terms of their jobs, pains, and gains? 


Are you losing money developing new products and services that your customers don't even want? 

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Do you have a systematic process to explore a pipeline of potential new business ideas.


Do you know what experiments to run to test your new business ideas, organized by cost, time and strength of the evidence?



Can you build a bulletproof, evidence-backed case so that your idea isn’t a flop and is ready to scale?

Implement Business Innovation  

The pains, nuances and frustrations listed above are familiar to many businesses, and if not resolved can lead to even more frustration, loss of income, and the eventual failure of your business.  
What will be the future of your business is if these pains and frustrations are not resolved? 
After travelling the path with numerous businesses my epiphany of the secret sauce is business innovation. You need to implement a business innovation strategy, by firstly, understanding your customers and then innovating new products and services that your customer want. This needs to be done in a systematic process of exploration, testing and then scaling. 

Business Innovation Framework

The Business Innovation Framework consists of business model innovation, product innovation, and systematically testing new ideas. 
First, we need to design the right business model for your business, then gain a deeper understanding of your customer's jobs, pains and gains. Only then are we in a position to design the right product (value proposition) for that customer segment. 
Businesses need to continuously explore and test new business ideas. After evidence-backed testing identifies the right new business idea, it's then time to scale up.
This is a continuous and never-ending innovation process.  

Framework Modules

Listed below are the modules I work through to innovate your business.

Framework Foundations

Introduction to BMC

✓ Customer Segment✓ Value Proposition✓ Distribution Channels ✓ Customer Relationships ✓ Key Activities✓ Key Resources✓ Partnerships✓ Revenue✓ Expense  

Your Business Model

Application of BMC

✓ Business Model Mechanics ✓ Your As-Is Business Model (BM)✓ Strengths and Weaknesses✓ Prototyping Alternate BMs✓ Getting feedback ✓ Next Steps to Test It

Improving Your Model 

Beating The Competition

✓ Beyond Marketing & Innovation✓ Beginners, Masters, Invincibles ✓ Building an invincible company✓ Assessing your Business Model ✓ Prototyping alternatives

Designing New Models

Building Real Alternatives

✓ Explore what could be✓ Iterate toward better models✓ Trigger Questions ✓ Napkin Sketches ✓ Applying Constraints

Knowing The Customer

Customer Jobs, Pains, Gains

✓ Value Proposition✓ Mapping Product to Customer ✓ Customer Profile ✓ 10 point checklist✓ Marketing Mindset ✓ Jobs to be done ✓ Pains, Gain ✓ Pain Relievers, Gain Creators✓ B2C, B2B, Intermediaries

Validating The Model

Testing If It Works

✓ Why Business Models Fail✓ Design, Test then Execute ✓ Customer Discovery ✓ Customer Validation✓ Customer Creation ✓ Company Building

From Idea To BMC

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Putting It All Together

✓ Ideas✓ Hypothesis ✓ Verification ✓ Insights

Value Proposition

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Value Proposition Canvas

✓ Customer Jobs To Be Done✓ Customer Profiles ✓ Customer Pains and Gains✓ Customer Insights✓ Value Map

Customer Value Map

BMC and Value Proposition

✓ Value Proposition Canvas Fit✓ Same Customer, Different Context ✓ Customer Value and Business Value ✓ Iterate between BMC and Value Map


How To Differentiation

✓ Key-Value Drivers✓ Great Value Propositions ✓ Competitor Comparison

Designing Value

Better Value Propositions

✓ Design Mindset✓ Prototyping Principles ✓ Innovate From Customer Jobs ✓ Running Customer Workshops

Validating Value

Validate Value Propositions

✓ Reduce Risk and Uncertainty✓ Technology Risk vs Market Risk ✓ Validate Customer Profile ✓ Find Early Adopters✓ The Testing Process✓ Hypothesis to Experiment✓ Build-Measure-Learn✓ Find Early Adopters✓ Capture Customer Insights

Testing New Ideas

Testing New Business Ideas

✓ Why Test It✓ Hypothesis Development ✓ Conduct the Right Experience ✓ Insights and Learning✓ Taking Action on Insights

How To Work With Me

The Innovation Framework is delivered through either weekly virtual calls or a number of full-day workshops. The intent is to have your organization well underway using the innovation framework within three to six months.   There is no commitment, you decide how long you want to continue working with me. Most of my clients work with me for a two year period, while others prefer to continuously work with me for the longer term. 

Get Started

 Please select from one of the three options below to get started.Some of my clients prefer to offer me an equity and profit split, so I'm open to having those discussions. 

60 Minute Call

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  • 1 x 60 min session
  • Free Session To Understand
  • If this is right for you 


$2,000per month

  • 1 x 45 min session each week
  • Month by Month
  • Personalized 1-on-1 coaching


$10,000per day

  • 1 x full day session 
  • 5 days per Year
  • Workshop With Leadership Team

Free Resources

Download Free Tools that you can use to better design, test and asses your business ideas 


Use the Business Model Canvas (BMC) to describe, design, challenge, or pivot your business  

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Use the Value Proposition Canvas to create compelling products and services customer want to buy


Download numerous templates to better design, test, and asses your business ideas. Make evidence-backed decisions