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Who is this for?

If you are an Entrepreneur Start-Up business looking to grow from $0 to $10m within three years, then this is for you. I help you take the right action at the right time. 
I use proven startup frameworks to build traction in your business, and then connect you to my network of angel investors, venture capitalist, and then eventually listed onto the Public Stock Exchange through an Initial Public Offering (IPO)
I am the only business coach that can walk you through all the steps from $0 to IPO

You have Big Dreams and Aspirations 

You want to make a massive impact in the world, however, you’ve probably realized that building a successful business isn’t as easy as you’d like it to be…

Lack Of Control

Are you frustrated with the lack of control? Instead of controlling the business, is your business controlling you.


Are you frustrated with employees, customers, vendors, or partners? They don't seem to listen, understand, or follow through?


Are you frustrated with not having enough profits? You make sales, your expenses are increasing, however, your profit are not there. 

Hitting the Ceiling

Has your company hit a ceiling? Has growth stopped? No matter what you do, you can't seem to break through to the next level.

Nothing Works

Do you feel like you've tried everything, without any long-lasting success? The wheels are spinning, but you can't gain traction.


Is your leadership team not on the same page as to the where your company is going and how you're going to get there? 

Focus Areas

I provide personalized 1-on-1 coaching in the areas below. Start your transformation Today.

Get Clarity

Define what success is for you

✓ Finding Your Passion and Life Purpose✓ Get clear Vision and Direction✓ Decide what you want ✓ Measuring success ✓ Taking Responsibility✓ Visualizations and Incantations✓ Vision Boards & Self Belief

Create an Action Plan

Know what to do to achieve success

✓ Strategy, Tactics, & Timelines ✓ Schedule + Resource Plan ✓ Mind Mapping Your Goals✓ Yearly, Monthly, Weekly Goals ✓ Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Action Plan✓ Morning Ritual✓ Monitoring progress and Learning

Upgrade Skills & Mindset 

Get the required skills

✓ Identify Limiting Beliefs ✓ Identify required skill-set✓ Identify required mind-set ✓ Understanding your money stories ✓ Essentials of Personal Development ✓ What skill-set to acquire ✓ What skill-set to outsource


Setup your environment for success

✓ Productivity Pyramid✓ 60/60/30 Time blocking✓ Friction-less Focus ✓ Inner and outer environment ✓ Increasing your energy ✓ Business Success Ritual ✓ Setting up conditions for success

Master Your Psychology

Get our of your own way

✓ Beliefs, Thoughts, Emotions✓ Gratitude ✓ Self Discipline ✓ Self Sabotage ✓ Law of Attraction ✓ Meditation + Self Awareness ✓ Limiting Beliefs + Liberating Truths

Why Get A Coach

How much is it costing your business:

    Not having a coach to get you to the next level
    Not having a high degree of self-awareness 
    Not knowing your natural strengths 
    Not having leadership and influence 
    Not knowing your natural strengths 
    Not having an unbiased alternative perspective 
    Not monitoring progress and accountability
    Not deconstructing personal experiences
    Not being the best version of yourself
    Trying to do it alone
    Not having perspectives of other businesses 
    Not having a sounding board to bounce off 
    Not prioritizing your use of time?
    Not having a clear vision and action plan
    Not developing the right skill-set and mind-set
    Not having the right people, doing the right things? 
    Not innovating and marketing new products?  
    Not knowing your numbers
    Not being able to anticipate future trends 
    Not having the right distribution channels 

How much faster can you grow if you:

    Travel the path with a Business Coach 
    Become self-aware of your habits  
    Discover and focus on your strengths 
    Learn to Lead and Influence your team  
    Let go of who your not, and focus on who you are
    Get an unbiased alternative perspective
    Have a progress and accountability partner  
    Deconstruct and learn from your experiences
    Becoming the best version of yourself 
    Join of a mastermind with like minded individuals?
    Get perspective of what works for others
    A coach to discuss challenges and breakthroughs?
    Have an execution checklist to free up time 
    Having a clear vision and action plan 
    Developing the right skill-set and mind-set 
    Getting the right people into the right seats 
    Connect with innovation & marketing experts
    Knew which metrics to measure
    Anticipate future market trends
    Build partnerships and distribution channels

Your Investment


$1,000per month

  • 1 x 45 min session each week
  • Month by Month
  • Accountability and Group Coaching


$2,000per month

  • 1 x 45 min session each week
  • Month by Month
  • Personalized 1-on-1 coaching


$10,000per day

  • 1 x full day session 
  • Month by Month
  • Workshop With Leadership Team

How it works

Step 1. Define Your Vision 

Objective: Decide what you wantTimeframe: 30 DaysDeconstruct your idea through the frameworkBusiness Model DesignTraction RoadmapValidation PlanTest and Pitch Ideas

Step 2. Identify Gaps

Objective: Validate there is a problem worth solving Timeframe: 90 DaysValidation PlanningProblem Discovery Solution Assembly Offer DeliveryGo Decision 

Step 3. Develop An Action Plan

Objective: Iterate to the right productTimeframe: A few months to a few years Launch the first iteration of your product (MVP) Iteration from MVP to product-market fit

Step 4. Implementation

Objective: $10m in salesTimeframe: 1-2 yearsPeople, Strategy, Cash, ExecutionTools and Processes for Innovation, Marketing, Distribution Operationalise engines of growth 

Step 5. Monitor and Pivot

Objective: $50mTimeframe: 1-2 yearsScale-up through venture capitalStructure for public listing onto the New York Stock Exchange

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Why Me

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Which Course Is Right For You

Role Of A Coach


  • Who is Coaching for? 

    Business coaching is for:- Business Owners, - Entrepreneurs - Start-Ups - Executives - Managers- Business leaders - who are facing new and unforeseen challenges, that require new behaviors- Leaders - who have a behavior or style that keeps them from accomplishing what they desire- Leaders - who have had little exposure or experience outside their home organisation   - Professionals - who need emotional and social skills as well as technical expertise- High potential employees - who need to refine skills to prepare for future career opportunities 
  • Why Coaching is Important?

    The main reasons why all successful business owners have a business coach are:
    1. Brainstorm ideas and gain an alternative perspective - the collective power of many is far superior to the single power of one.2. Have a sounding board for new ideas - Coach is present to listen and respond with powerful questions 3. Have someone to hold you accountable - Easy to break self promises, however, less so when someone else is involved4. Provide a road-map to reaching your pinnacle. - Give you direction and guidance to help you transform
    Time with a coach is like making an appointment with yourself. 
  • How does Coaching work?

    All coaching is done online through virtual meeting rooms. 1-on-1 coaching is private and confidential between yourself and the coachGroup coaching is private and confidential between the group members
    Your objectives and success criteria are agreed on with the coach. Towards the end of each sessions, you are usually given actions to complete.There may also be exercises that are worked through during the session.
    You are in control, the sessions can be either, Informal, free flowing and flexible, orFormal, rigid and structured, depending on what works for you.
    There are numerous strategies and techniques depending on your objectives.
  • Will coaching work for me?

    For it to work you need to be: 
    1. Open to Coaching  ○ Business leaders, facing new and unforeseen challenges, that require new behaviours ○ Leaders who have a behavior or style that keeps them from accomplishing what they desire ○ Leaders who have had little exposure or experience outside their home organisation    ○ Professionals who need emotional and social skills as well as technical expertise ○ High potential employees who need to refine skills to prepare for future career opportunities 
    2. Open to Change  ○ Willing to experiment with ideas ○ Able to reflect and acknowledge mistakes ○ Willing to listen to others with a sense of inquisitiveness & humility  ○ Open to learning ○ Focused on future (feed forward), rather than the past (feedback) ○ Able to adapt a style to requirements of situation  ○ Has a sense of personal mission and passion 
    It works for anyone who is willing to make the small transitions that lead to a massive transformation
  • How is my business coaching different?

    The vast majority of other business coaching programs focus on mindsets, motivation and emotions, and not on implementing proven best-practice systems, strategies and action steps that will actually grow a business.
    Yes mindset is important, and has its place, however, its business strategies that actually grow your business.
  • What can I expect from coaching?

    Every case differs, so the experience also differs. As a result, my clients achieve their goals. They can make the right decisions, find a balance between their work and life. They clearly understand what is essential to them and how they want to lead.
  • What are the benefits of phone coaching?

    Coaching by phone provides you with a comfortable environment and lets you open up more fully if you worry about your appearance or if you are too emotional. You can relax thinking you are in privacy and concentrate on the work with your coach.
  • How can a coach advise me if I'm the best person in the world at this?

    Eric Schmidt, the former executive chairman of Google who hired Bill Campbell to be his business coach. Schmidt described his initial thoughts about coaching and his relationship with Campbell in Fortune: “How could a coach advise me if I'm the best person in the world at this? But that's not what a coach does ...They have to watch you and get you to be your best ... Once I realized I could trust him and that he could help me with perspective, I decided this was a great idea.”
  • Difference between Consulting, Coaching and Therapy

    There can certainly be some overlap, however, the differences have been listed below
    Consulting:- Paid to come up with the answers- Provide Quantitative Analysis of problems - Focus on organizational performance 
    Coaching:- Paid to ask the right questions - Advise on Business Matters- Focus on individual behavioral change- Focus on the future - Tackle difficult issues at work and home- Foster individual performance in a business context - Help executives discover their own paths
    Therapy:- Focus on the past- Diagnose and treat dysfunctionality  - Based on medical ethics